Nature Allied Psychotherapy is a modality of ongoing client work in allegiance with nature, developed by Beth Collier.

Nature Allied Psychotherapy takes place in and with nature, working at relational depth, providing a theoretical framework for ongoing psychotherapy practice, establishing a modality which;

  • takes place in natural settings,
  • works at relational depth in and with nature
  • explores the clients’ relationship with nature in addition to exploration of their human relationships
  • practices an ongoing relationship between client, therapist and nature
  • exposes clients to the health promoting qualities of nature
  • is an applied form of psychological anthropology
  • is part of an ancestral lineage, grounded in traditional knowledges

Nature Allied Psychotherapy’s postulation of a therapeutic nature relationship is part of an ancestral lineage of drawing grounding and healing in finding reality, perception, identity, belonging and embodiment in communion with nature.

The transmission of Nature Allied Psychotherapy is rooted within an oral tradition. The oral tradition is not simply about a verbal communication of ideas from a human teacher but also emphasises a simultaneous intimacy and communion with the natural world to absorb it’s learning.  As such the ‘book’ underpinning this modality was written some time ago in the sharing of this practice, to meet western conventions, Beth’s publication Nature Allied Psychotherapy: Exploring Relationships with Self, Others and Nature, is forthcoming with Routledge.