Welcome to the Nature Therapy School

We provide high quality teaching and training on the use of nature in therapeutic work and to support well-being.  We provide professional courses and workshops for psychotherapists and outdoor practitioners.

We promote the benefits of working therapeutically in nature, to therapists and outdoor practitioners. We aim to;

  • provide high quality professional trainings
  • promote the benefits of practising outdoors
  • be a centre of excellence in the training and practice of nature-based therapies


The Nature Therapy School’s approach is underpinned by Beth Collier’s work theorising Nature Allied Psychotherapy as a modality for ongoing client practice, working in allegiance with nature to explore our emotional world.

Human health is dependent on a healthy relationship with nature. When a disconnection occurs our sense of well-being will suffer. Many people in today have lost a sense of belonging to the natural world, therapeutic work in allegiance with nature helps to address the traumas of disconnection, processing loss and repairing dissociative relationsips with nature.

Our approach embraces anthropological and spiritual perspectives about our relationship with nature, attachment, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, woodland living skills, traditional ecological knowledge and natural histories.

We work with embodied and sensory understandings of nature and connection, evoking memory and relational depth in direct contemplation with nature, seeking to stimulate the intellect of the heart.

The symbiotic relationship between our self and nature, and the potential for the parallel development of self knowledge and knowledge about nature is central to our work.

  • Observing ourselves whilst in nature
  • Observing nature
  • Observing our relationship with nature


Nature has the potential to offer us the core conditions of a primary care giver and therefore positive attachment, being truly a mother.

Our trainings are immersive and held in outdoors settings throughout the UK.  Our courses are held within small groups in base camp settings to encourage intimacy within our relationships with others and with nature.

We aim to train psychotherapists to be authentic and congruent practitioners, grounded in a positive attachment with nature and therefore able to model connection for their clients.

We aim to train outdoor professionals to maximise the potential of their work to support well-being.


We offer CPD short courses and year long trainings;

  • Diploma in Nature Allied Psychotherapy
  • Short CPD course in : Using Nature as a Therapy Room: Introduction to Nature Allied Psychotherapy
  • Therapeutic Skills for non counsellors