Training in Nature Allied Psychotherapy will support you in working towards core competencies in establishing a frame, guiding process, holding boundaries and assesing risk within nature allied work.

Training aims to develop:

  • Awareness of and development of own attachment with nature
  • Understanding of how we as practitioners and our clients can benefit from using nature as a therapy room
  • Experience of using nature in an applied way within client work
  • An understanding of the therapeutic relationship in nature allied work
  • Theoretical understanding of Nature Allied Psychotherapy
  • Consideration and understanding of issues relating to frame, process, boundaries and risks in Nature Allied Psychotherapy
  • Understanding and experience of using nature as and within interventions
  • Understanding of issues relating to safety and ethics in Nature Allied practice


  • to develop or move towards positive attachment with nature
  • be able to hold boundaries without the marker of a room
  • competency in guiding the process of nature allied psychotherapy
  • be able to listen to nature whilst listening to a client
  • be able to listen to a client whilst listening to nature
  • establish therapeutic relationship in allegiance with client and nature
  • consider and assess risks in natural settings
  • work within their competencies
  • assess clients attachment style to nature
  • understand level of challenge for client in being in nature
  • understand how to integrate nature within current modalities practised
  • be able to apply nature-based approaches and interventions
  • have awareness of differing cultural perspectives about nature
  • to apply ethnographic principles in their approach to exploration of clients experience