Diploma in Nature Allied Psychotherapy

This fully immersive innovative training has been designed for the professional development of Psychotherapists and Counsellors wishing to incorporate nature into their practice.

Our own relationship with nature is central to nature allied psychotherapy. The course focuses on developing our connection and attachment to nature, this relationship becomes part of the frame of nature-based psychotherapy. This training acknowledges nature as a therapeutic container, co-counsellor and primary source of attachment.

The diploma is delivered through a structured theoretical framework and experiential learning over eight weekends.  The course is fully immersive in nature, all our teaching and learning will take place outdoors.  Nature and all that she brings in the different seasons will become part of our learning experience.

The course comprises experiential and taught components including, seminars, demonstrations, meditation, group work, student presentations and  skills practice.

Module 1 – Nature and Well-being
Module 2 – Self and Nature
Module 3 – Therapeutic relationship
Module 4 – Framework
Module 5 – Boundaries
Module 6 – Nature-based Skills/Bushcraft
Module 7 – Ritual, Metaphor and Symbolism
Module 8 – Beginning and Endings

This course is suitable for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists who have already completed a post-graduate course or similar.  Trainees in their final year of a post-graduate diploma may apply but the Diploma can not be awarded until the external qualifying post graduate training has been awarded. Entry is on application.

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Three Day CPD Training

Join  us for a 3 day CPD training in nature allied psychotherapy, aimed at qualified psychotherapists/counsellors and those in training who are considering taking their practice outside.

This training will support you in developing an applied approach to the use of nature as a metaphor for our inner world and in using nature as a medium for emotional exploration and embodied connection.

The training incorporates the development of our awareness and connection to nature, anthropological perspectives on the role of nature in our lives, therapeutic process and practicalities in nature-based therapy, boundaries and risks, the use of metaphor and symbolism, experiential learning and the development of practical nature-based skills.

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Emotional Leadership Consultancy

The secret of good leadership? Its personal! How you lead and support others is influenced by your own emotional health and awareness.

Our consultations are lead by experienced psychotherapists who will help you explore your leadership style and ways of relating, improving performance and enhancing your clients experience of your service.

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Therapeutic skills for non-counsellors

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