Our innovative one year Diploma training programme is designed to support your connection with the natural world and develop your confidence working relationally with clients in and with nature.

Therapy in nature is an emerging field of practice which has so far largely consisted of ‘Ecotherapies’ offering short term or one off therapeutic experiences. Nature Allied Psychotherapy provides a theoretical framework for ongoing psychotherapy practice, establishing a modality which;

  • takes place in natural settings,
  • works at relational depth in and with nature
  • explores the clients’ relationship with nature in addition to exploration of their human relationships
  • practices an ongoing relationship between client, therapist and nature
  • exposes clients to the health promoting qualities of nature
  • is an applied form of psychological anthropology
  • is part of an ancestral lineage, grounded in traditional knowledges

Nature Allied Psychotherapy’s postulation of a therapeutic nature relationship is part of an ancestral lineage of drawing grounding and healing in finding reality, perception, identity, belonging and embodiment in communion with nature.

The course:

The course incorporates the development of our own awareness of and attachment to nature, explorations of the therapeutic relationship, process, frame, containment, boundaries and risks, the use of metaphor and symbolism, anthropological perspectives on the role of nature in our lives, an exploration of the theoretical framework, experiential learning and the development of practical nature based skills.

This training will support students in developing an applied approach to the use of nature as a metaphor for our inner world and in using nature as a medium for emotional exploration and connection.

The diploma is fully immersive in nature, all of our learning will take place outdoors in ancient woodland and grassland on the edge of the North Downs, within the south London region.

The course journeys throughout the year embracing the seasons and cycles. Nature and all that she brings will become part of our experience.

The course is delivered through experiential learning and taught seminars over six, three day residentials. The training day runs from 10am to 5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Students camp overnight to enhance their experience of connection.

The Diploma is mutli-layered, offering a deep and intimate experience which raises awareness of Self, our nature relationship and who we are in relation to the group. In addition to a) the practice and theory of Nature Allied Psychotherapy, students will learn b) practical woodland living skills and the traditional knowledge of our ancestors for living in harmony with nature, you will also learn c) about yourself in a group and the dynamics of community and cooperation as you live and learn together in the woods in order to meet your needs.

This is so nourishing, I don’t want to go home

Diploma student, 2021-22

This has been profound, I feel transformed

Diploma student, 2021-22



The course focuses on developing our own connection and attachment with nature.  Our relationship with nature is central to Nature Allied Psychotherapy, providing grounding and frame for our clients and enhancing our abilty to work at relational depth in and with nature.  This training acknowledges nature as a therapeutic container, co-counsellor and primary source of attachment.

We work with embodied and sensory understandings of nature and connection.

Subjects covered include:

  • Nature and Emotional Health
  • Neuroscience
  • Therapeutic Relationship
  • Therapeutic Container
  • Theoretical framework
  • Attachment
  • Frame
  • Boundaries
  • Woodland living skills
  • Nature-based interventions
  • Anthropological perspectives
  • Psychology of Survival and living
  • Ritual, Symbolism and Metaphor
  • Cycles
  • Beginnings and Endings

Entry requirements:

  • qualified psychotherapists, counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists trained in psychotherapy/counselling to post graduate diploma level or similar (we may accept applicants who have considerable counselling experience but may not have a post graduate diploma or who are in their final year of post graduate training)
  • qualified practitioners in related fields eg social workers and mental health nurses, with significant therapeutic experience maybe considered. (These students would graduate as a Nature Allied Practitioner)
  • commitment to personal development, ability to self reflect and willingness to explore


Certificate level

Students are expected to commit to all training dates, attendance of 90% is required.

Assessment is through formative assessment of readiness to practice, applied practice and theoretical knowledge.

Diploma level

Students are expected to commit to all training dates, attendance of 90% is required

Assessment is summative and formative through;

  • personal process reflection
  • student presentation
  • 25 client work hours
  • a 4000 word essay
  • recorded client session

The training is suitable for: qualified psychotherapists and counsellors and trainees in their final year, those qualified in related fields eg mental health nursing, social work with significant experience of therapeutic work.

Dates for 2023/24: 

Residential weekends;

14-16 July 2023

15-17 Sept 2023

13-15 Oct 2023

12-14 Apr 2024

10-12 May 2024

7-9 Jun 2024

Course teaching

Course Leader: Beth Collier

Course Facilitators: Suzanne Worrica, Nicole Worrica

More information on teaching team


Course registration opens: September 2022

Places: are limited to encourage group intimacy, the maximum group size is 12 students.


Certificate level

£3,400.00, payable in full or four instalments of £850.00. Places booked by 31st January will receive a 10% early bird booking discount, paying £3,060.00.

Diploma level

£4,100.00, payable in full or in 6 instalments of £683.33. Places booked by 31st January will receive a 10% early bird booking discount, paying £3,690.00.

Entry: is by application. Applications will be open on 1st September 2022.

Open days: Unfortunately we’re unable to hold an open day this year


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