Join us for a 3 day CPD introduction to Nature Allied Psychotherapy. This training is aimed at qualified psychotherapists/counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists and those in training who a) are considering taking their practice outside and b) practitioners already working in nature who would like to gain more confidence by having a theoretical framework to underpin their work.

This training will support you in using the natural world as a therapy room and in working relationally with nature. During the course you will have the opportunity to develop an applied approach to using nature as a medium for emotional exploration, attachment and as a metaphor for our inner world.

The training incorporates the development of our own relationship with nature, anthropological perspectives on the role of nature in our lives, the theoretical framework of Nature Allied Psychotherapy, exploration of the therapeutic process, boundaries and risks, the use of metaphor and symbolism, experiential learning and the development of practical nature-based skills.

We will explore;

  • Nature and emotional health
  • Why take therapy outside?
  • Neuroscience and physiology
  • Self and Nature
  • Theoretical framework
  • Therapeutic relationship
  • Frame, process, boundaries and confidentiality
  • Attachment
  • Survival and Living Psychology
  • Anthropological Perspectives
  • Deepening our connection

The course will be taught through experiential learning, discussion, seminars, case studies, and skills practice.

Course members will be expected to be active participants, willing to work individually, in pairs and as a group.

The training days are immersive and will be held in a woodland in south London and the Sussex Weald.  All days will take place entirely in outdoor settings. Please wear clothing appropriate for the weather.

Training schedule:

Day 1 – Nature and Emotional Health

We will explore the benefits of nature to emotional health, including the latest neuroscientific research, asking why go outside? We will reflect on our own relationship with nature and develop our awareness of the natural world through experiential work. We will consider how working outdoors differs to working inside and the impact on frame, process, boundaries and practicalities. The day will include discussion, seminars, case studies, experiential learning and the opportunity to practice therapy outdoors.

Day 2 – Therapeutic Relationship

We will explore the therapeutic relationship in nature allied work and consider nature’s role as co-counsellor. We will look at the theoretical underpinnings of Nature Allied Psychotherapy and explore how your current model of practice can be applied within a nature allied framework. We will consider the psychological differences between ‘living’ and ‘survival’ and how these insights can be brought into nature-based work. The day will include discussion, seminars, case studies, experiential learning and the opportunity to practice therapy outdoors.

Day 3 – Anthropological perspectives

We will explore anthropological perspectives on the natural world and our connection to it, including our own myths and rituals associated with nature. We will consider different cultural associations people have about the natural world and reflect on ethnographic case studies on emotional relationships with nature.   The day will include discussion, seminars, case studies, experiential learning and the opportunity to practice therapy outdoors.

Throughout the training we will explore embodied means of developing our own connection to the natural world including methods for reading the landscape and tuning into natural signs for direction in the celestial sphere, plants, animals and the elements. We will consider how these can guide us in developing an embodied sense of time, direction and place and explore how it can be incorporated into practice to ground therapist and client emotionally and geographically.


6-8th September 2024

Location: The Weald, Sussex (nr, Nutley)

Accommodation: Camping available onsite

Fees: £400.00

CPD: the training carries 18 CPD hours.

Course brochure: CPD Training Brochure 2023

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    Weather and cancellations

    The training will run whatever the weather except high winds and storms in which case a decision will be made by the course leader as to whether the day is rescheduled or can be held using an indoor venue. You will be contacted by 8am on the day of the course in the case of rescheduling or an alternative venue.

    Due to limited places, cancellation incurs a fee of 20% of the course price if more that 8 weeks prior to the course date, 50% of the course price if less than 8 weeks prior to the course date. If there is a waiting list for the course and we can fill your place you may be able to transfer onto another course (at the same price or pay the difference), if there is a vacancy. Transfers must be taken within one year. If we cancel the course for any reason you will be entitled to a full refund.


    Being based entirely outdoors will help us to manage risk during the course. We will provide socially distanced seating and there will be small ratio’s of people sharing toilet and wash facilities.

    If you are prevented from joining the course due to national or local lockdowns or are unable to attend the training due to being required to self isolate you will be offered a transfer to a later course. Please alert your course leader if you develop symptoms during the training.